Good Shepherd Welcomes all to Christmas Services

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville extends a special invitation to all local residents and visitors to the area to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us. Services will be led by the church's rector, the Reverend Bill Breedlove, and Deacon Turner Guidry.

The service times on Christmas Eve are 4 pm and 11 pm. The 4 pm service is intended to accommodate families who would like to participate in the tradition of Christmas Eve but whose children need to be fed and prepared for bed early in the evening. This earlier service is also helpful for those who cannot drive at night. It will be family­ friendly and on the casual side. Good Shepherd's children are learning “Silent Night” in sign language, and young folks will participate in the service as readers and prayer leaders.

The more traditional 11 pm service follows an ancient tradition of the church to celebrate the eve of major feast days. The reason for the late hour of this service is to recall that Jesus was born sometime during the night. Good Shepherd's choir will provide music.

The third service will take place on Christmas morning at 10 am, when the Feast of Christmas will be celebrated. This service will have a quiet and contemplative feeling.