Book Signing at Good Shepherd

The authors of two intriguing books, The Mystery Trip and A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap, will be on hand to sign their books in the library of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville on Saturday afternoon, May 16, from 1:00—3:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to meet the authors, Helen Naismith and Claudia Rowe Kennedy, enjoy light refreshments, and learn about the church library. 

Helen Naismith, besides being a prolific writer, is president of the Georgia Red Hat Jubilee. She has written cookbooks, biographies, and novels. This most recent book, A Mystery Trip, will delight readers with its New England setting and Red Hat Society ladies dealing with heartbreak, sustained by sisterhood. Helen says that the book was “a team effort by several members of Good Shepherd Church.” Stephanie Forbes did the artwork, Ernie Frieda wrote a review, and Jake Ehrhart helped with the crime scene and law enforcement activities. The book is available at, Barnes and Nobles' website, or Red Hat venues. 

A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap was such a pleasure for Claudia Rowe Kennedy to write that she is halfway through a sequel. Although the novel uses Ecclesiastes as a framework, Claudia classifies it as “not a religious book but inspirational fiction.” Her readers call it “a page turner” that explores conflicts between husband and wives, parents and children, brother and brother. Besides being for sale at the book signing, the book is available on, Barnes and Nobles' website, and Kindle. Claudia is a former teacher and special features writer for newspapers who spent her formative years on tenant farms in small Georgia towns.

The head of Good Shepherd's library, Kathy Wright, is also eager for the public to explore the library's books about healing, devotions, church history, world religions, arts, and more. People are welcome to take books and return them when finished. During weekdays, 9:00-4:30, the Church Administrator will open the library, or Kathy can be reached at 837-6703 for an appointment.

Good Shepherd is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive, about one mile east of Walgreens. Information about the church's many programs can be found on the website: