God Forbid Seminars

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville will present a series of seminars focusing on end-of-life planning beginning Saturday, May 7, at 11:00 a.m. and continuing for the following three Saturdays. All are welcome and encouraged to join the conversation in the undercroft of the church.

Father Bill Breedlove, rector of Good Shepherd, explains that Christian stewardship requires that we look toward and prepare for the end of our days. For some, that end will come unexpectedly.

“God forbid,” says Father Bill, “that should happen, but taking time to prepare now will be a great gift to those who survive the loss of a spouse, parent, or other loved one.”

With this preparation in mind, the four seminars are planned accordingly:

  • May 7—Getting Your Information Together
  • May 14—Hospice Care and Your Five Wishes
  • May 21—Planned Giving
  • May 28—Writing Your Burial Plan

Parishioners who attended the God Forbid seminars two years ago found them immensely helpful. Many are planning to come back and encourage their friends in the community to join them.

Good Shepherd parishioners take it as their Christian duty to boldly engage the world as God's shepherds and to share God's blessings.

Good Shepherd is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive, about one mile east of Walgreens. The website for the church describes its services and programs: www.goodshepherdhayesville.org.