Bereavement Hospitality

Mary Stewart King and Becky VanGorder

Parish ministry providing hospitality and an attractive gathering place for bereaved family and their friends, coordinating foods provided by church members and cleaning up afterward. 

This ministry provides a warm welcome and gathering place for family and friends following memorial services held here at Good Shepherd.  This Ministry sets up the Parish Hall, arranges for food that is provided by the parish, monitors refreshments and tables, and cleans up.

Hospital Visitors Ministry

Fr. Bill Breedlove

As God's shepherds visiting the sick in time of need and supporting the caregiver in prayer and the work of rest and healing.

The Hospital Visitors ministry assists the parish priest by making pastoral visits to church members in hospital, rehabilitation center, and nursing home settings.  Hospital Visitors must undergo training and complete a required course Safeguarding God’s People. It is our intention for Hospital Visitors to extend the warm welcome and concern of the Good Shepherd community to parish members who have become separated from the community by hospitalization, rehabilitation or nursing care needs.

Prayer Chain

Tawanna Dutton

As God's shepherds providing support in time of need through our group thoughts and prayers to our parishioners, their families and individuals in our community.

A group of people dedicated to praying for individuals who are experiencing physical, spiritual, or emotional problems. You need regular access to a computer to receive the requests by email, and the time and willingness to pray regularly.

Telecare Ministry

Fr. Bill Breedlove

The telecare ministry makes occasional friendly phone calls to our members who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to fully participate in the life the parish.  This ministry helps the church stay in touch with those members, checking on how they are doing, informing them of parish news, and letting them know that they remain in our concerns.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Meliss Czarnecki & Beth Hitchcock

As God's Shepherds providing a gift of warmth through hand made shawls and knitting for those in need of prayer and comfort in their lives.

Knit and crochet shawls for those in need of prayer and comfort due to illness and other life situations.  Also knit shawls for celebrations such as a new baby or a new ministry.  Meet once a month on fourth Monday at 10 am at Good Shepherd to knit together in fellowship and for prayer.  Shawls are presented with the gifts and blessed during the service. You can participate by knitting or crocheting, by requesting a shawl for someone, or by donating supplies for the knitters to use.


Good Shepherd Healing Prayer Ministry

Kathryn Hoyt

As God's shepherds delivering parish services with the opportunity for immersing  prayers in time of need to our parishioners, their families and individuals in our community.

The Good Shepherd Healing Prayer ministry serves the healing prayer needs of the members of the parish and others who come to us with their prayer concerns.  We offer monthly fellowship, training and prayer meetings and events that are open to all who want to serve as prayer ministers and those who want to learn more about healing prayer. 

Members of the ministry offer prayer at the altar rail after the Saturday and Sunday services, participate in the Tuesday healing prayer service, offer an occasional Day of Healing Prayer, and host the annual Blue Christmas service. 


Healing Prayer Service - Tuesday at 7:00 pm DST

Healing Eucharist Service - Wednesday at 12:00 noon

Prayer Ministers are also available after each Sunday service at 8:00 am & 10:45 am and after the Saturday service at 5 pm.


Fr. Bill Breedlove

What is Respite Care?
The dictionary’s respite care definition is “a short period or interval of rest or relief.”  Respite care generally refers to care provided to offer such a break to a primary caregiver.  This ministry will provide an opportunity for you to connect with parishioners/ friends whose spouses/partners/ family need a break to run errands, get to a medical appointment, take a walk, etc.  By being involved in this ministry you are providing an ideal solution for caregivers to stay healthy and prepared to continue caregiving. 

A Respite Provider might sit with an individual while they sleep, watch TV or read a book with the individual, help in preparing a meal or snack, talk or just listen.
Respite Care does NOT mean being a replacement for a CNA (Certified Nurses Aid) or a PT (Physical Therapist), providing transportation, or giving advice.
Requirements to be involved in the ministry:
     1)    A compassionate heart
     2)    A good communicator (Listening as well as talking)
     3)    Taking and completing the appropriate portion of “Safe Guarding God’s People” 
     4)    Please let Father Bill know of any concerns you might have after making a respite visit.