Rachel Baughn

Mission: The Communications Ministry helps develop and implement marketing and communication strategies to increase community awareness of Good Shepherd. To engage the world as God's shepherds, we must communicate our eagerness to share God's blessings.

This ministry is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and communication ideas for the church that will increase community awareness of Good Shepherd. The communication ‘umbrella’ includes logo/image development, advertising, brochure/ business card/stationery design, church signage, press releases/publicity, and web site development and maintenance.  If you have expertise or interest in any of these areas please contact us.

Welcoming, Greeters & Newcomers

Joe & Elizabeth Rybicki
Fred & Mary Stewart King

Make all visitors feel welcome and invite them to return.  At some point, sit down and find out where their interests lie.  Introduce them to others who have similar interests and to the ministries of Good Shepherd.  Notify committee chairs of their interest and follow up.  When interest in membership is indicated, provide them with the necessary information.