Director of Pastoral Care Services

Good Shepherd parish is a special place. Its people and God’s spirit make it so. When Marilyn Pierce retired in Spring 2015, I knew that I needed to find someone special to fill that pastoral care director position. I wanted someone who was a leader, highly skilled, prayerful, and very good with people - a special person to lead the care of a special people. God has brought together in this place a diverse body of talented and educated folks, and I hoped that God would lead to us someone who is like us and who understands us.

It has been over two years since we have had a staff person filling the pastoral care position. I think you will find that waiting was worthwhile. Please join me in welcoming Keith Christensen to our staff as the new Director of Pastoral Care Services. Keith has a masters degree in social work, is a licensed clinical social worker, has worked in a number of areas in social work and brings a wealth of experience to the position. Keith is a leader and a prayerful person. He is smart and he is funny, and he is not short of people skills. I have already begun talking with Keith about the pastoral care needs of the parish and have set a couple of goals for him. What I hope for Keith and all of you is that Keith will have a chance to get to know you and your particular pastoral care needs.  From that, he and I will work on building a new pastoral care system that serves the needs of this parish as we are in 2017-18.

In case you are wondering, Keith will continue on as Director of Music at Good Shepherd. This is a great day for Good Shepherd.

Peace be with you and thanks be to God.

Fr Bill+